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Q. How do I connect the Thermaltake SuperSpeed Docking Station- BlacX 5G to my mac all in one?

A: The BlacX 5G just need to connect it to PC USB port will work, even Mac laptop.
The different is the BlacX 5G is USB 3.0. If the laptop only support to USB 2.0 and the speed will keep in USB 2.0.

Q. Is BlacX 5G works with OS windows 7?

A: Yes, it supports.

Q. Is BlacX 5G will support Seagate Barracuda 2-TB SATA II HDD?

A: Yes, it supports.

Q. Does BlacX 5G support SATA III HDD?

A: Yes, it supports.

Q. What is the 2.5 inch drive maximum thickness supported by the BlacX 5G ?

A: We don’t have 2.5HDD maximum thickness limitation with our BlacX 5G.
9.5mm and 12mm thickness are fit with it.

Q. Could you please specify which of the new storage support the 3 tb disks?

A: We recommend you our Max 5G and BlacX 5G but 3T HDD is new launch HDD and it must partition at least two drive. Otherwise, the OS can't recognize it.
Please consult it with the store who sell 3T HDD before you buy it.