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Immortal Glory of Thermaltake【Toughpower XT】series - World First Efficient High-Output PSUs with 80 plus Platinum and Gold certifications

Taipei, Taiwan -September 9, 2011-Thermaltake, an award winning state of art PC power supplies, the leader and pioneer in PC thermal solutions, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, with “delivering the perfect user experiences” as our mission, this September Thermaltake is presenting a visionary outlook of the world first efficient high-output power supply unit “The【Toughpower XT】Platinum & Gold series”, – a rigorous power plant series aiming towards hardcore gamers, DIY enthusiasts, professionals and massive power consumption machines to fulfill every possible condition. The new【Toughpower XT】Platinum & Gold series is a set of meticulous PC power plants include 1275W Platinum, 1375W Gold and 1475W Gold, are the world first high-output power supply units with 80Plus Platinum and Gold (the highest efficiency levels) certified which can perform up to 94% power efficiency.

High Tech Superiority
With the proof of 80 Plus Platinum & Gold certifications, the 【Toughpower XT】Platinum & Gold series PSUs deliver up to 94% high power efficiency and provides the high quality, reliability and true wattage power for your system. Featuring the Full Bridge and LLC resonance with DC-DC module and interleaved PFC circuit designs that provide a high reliability and efficiency. In addition, 100% 105°C Japanese electrolytic and solid capacitors deliver an unbeatable stable power and performance while the machine is constantly consuming on high wattages in every environment. Moreover, the dual +12V rails will electrify and support up to 4-way SLI ™ and 4-way Crossfire ™ without any dilemma.

Extra Fine Touch
The unique S.P.T indicator shows PSU status with 3-mode LED (Standby/ Power good signal/ Temperature) that checks the PSU status instantly. Besides, the built in 14cm dual ball bearing fan with three modes Smart Fan Control system ( Fanless mode, Silent mode, & Cooling mode) that automatically detects the PSU ambient temperature and adjusts fan mode & speed to create the smooth airflow and achieves the optimal thermal performance. Better yet, the【Toughpower XT】Platinum & Gold series PSUs equip modularized full cable management for easy customized support and various peripheral settings.

Legendary 【Toughpower XT】Series : Unadulterated Performance
With an excellent performance, the 【Toughpower XT】 Platinum & Gold series is definitely the ultimate power supply in the market to possess for gamers to conquer all battles, DIY enthusiasts to overclock all kinds of peripherals, professionals to enjoy a smooth working environment and massive power consumption machines to run all kind of systems.

To know more about the【Toughpower XT 】 Platinum & Gold series please visit:

Toughpower XT PLATINUM 1275W :
Toughpower XT GOLD 1375W:
Toughpower XT GOLD 1475W:

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The Thermaltake 【Toughpower XT】 1275W Platinum

The Thermaltake 【Toughpower XT】1375W Gold

The Thermaltake 【Toughpower XT】1475W Gold