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Patent Information
Country Patent No.
M 296575
ZL 2006 2 0099999.0

- Fully handmade multifunctional high class PC case
- All aluminum extrusion built chassis
- Convertible top panel for better ventilation
- Hydraulic mechanisms for the top and side panel
- Revolutionary open back plate design provides maximum internal air flow.
- Ventilation openings all around for optimized thermal management
- Stylish back door eliminates cable clutter and perfect the appearance
- Tool-free design for easy installation
- Support up to ten 5.25’’ drive bays
- Detachable HDD Cage
- Reinforcement handles for easy transport.
- 7"drive bay for optional 7” touch screen LCD monitor. (P/N:A2413-03)

SwordM, the master piece of PC chassis, is a true reflection of contrast between technological advances and artistic quality of hand-craftsmanship. The all-aluminum structures, while produced through automated equipments, are all fine-tuned to a level of excellence that can only be achieved by hands. And it is also due to the complexity and time-consuming attention-to-detail that makes SwordM a Limited Edition product.

Design concept of SwordM was derived from streamlined curves found on swords that were used exclusively by ancient Chinese warriors. Added modern emphasis that blends into the curves flawlessly to create a perfect balance of past, present and future. Hard convertible top breaks a traditional design of PC chassis to realize the true dream gaming PC that exhibits both utmost aesthetic appeal and cooling performance.