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Allways Cool Notebook Cooler
Allways cool notebook cooler, thin and light, designed with all-aluminum panel and adjustable 6 cm fans to suit user’s preference in accordance with the laptop size or various heat generated points to create the best thermal performance. The excellent ergonomic design makes the most comfortable viewing angle and hand position. The cable management position with a USB cable on the bottom for easy organizing. Suitable for 17-inch and below sizes of laptop.
4 Removable silent fans
Allways cool built-in with four sets of six 120mm fan, it is free to adjust the fans in accordance with the using habits or laptop heating point. It helps to increase cold air flow to reach the better laptop thermal performance.

Elegance of Aluminum
Aluminum panel helps to increase the cooling performance on surface, a different design texture and a large area of the panel with the adjustable fan to support laptop size of 17-inch or below. Users can adjust the fan position depends on laptop size and preference for maximum cooling effect.
Ergonomic Humanity
Allways Cool designed with all the ergonomic concept, test out the most appropriate way for user, with the best visual angle and the height position of the hand, get ready to work comfortably!

Super slim and light weight
Allways cool has a light volume, with full flat-surface design, the overall thickness only 1.5 cm, compact and easy to carry anywhere.
USB cable Management
Unique USB cable management for easy organizing