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Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Technic3D Date : 2014/12/19


  • Gute Verarbeitung und dezente Optik
  • Modularität des Innenraums
  • Kühlleistung
  • Kühlkonzept das bis zu vier Radiatoren vorsieht
  • Werkzeuglose Montage der Erweiterungskarten 3,5- und 5,25-Zoll-Laufwerke
  • Alternative Montagepunkte für zwei Festplattenschlitten
  • Lüftersteuerung
  • Abschaltbare LED-Beleuchtung
  • Staubfilter an allen Öffnungen

Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : OCaholic Date : 2014/11/10



If you are looking for a full tower case, which is compatible with E-ATX motherboards and allows you to build powerful gaming systems, then the Core V71 from Thermaltake is definitely a case that you should consider. At Geizhals.eu, the Thermaltake Core V71 is listed with prices starting at 128 euro excluding shipping costs. In our opinion this price is definitely reasonable and in line with features and the quality of the product. 



The Thermaltake Core V71 gets good 4 out of 5 stars.


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : HW Journal Date : 2014/11/03

"Wir vergeben dem Thermaltake Core V71 aufgrund der überwiegend positiven Punkte unseren Hardware-Journal Silber-Award. Aufgrund der sehr guten Kühlleistung vergeben wir zudem unseren Hardware-Journal Cooling-Award. Anregungen.."


+ sehr gute Kühlleistung 
+ modularer Aufbau des Datenträgerschachts
+ gute Verarbeitung
+ Staubfilter in Front, Boden und Deckel
+ gutes Kabelmanagement
+ sehr gute Möglichkeiten für eine Wasserkühlung
+ geringe Lautstärke...


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : PC ekspert Date : 2014/10/07

Pozitivno +

Velike dimenzije, izuzetna fleksibilnost u pogled instalacije vodenog hlađenja, vrlo moćno tvornički ugrađeno zračno hlađenje, filtri za prašinu na svim otvorima, prozirna bočna stranica, laka organizacija i skrivanje kablova, ima otvor za instalaciju hladnjaka na procesor, ugrađen kontroler za reguliranje brzine ventilatora, mogućnost vađenja svih kaveza za diskove, mogućnost kontrole led osvjetljenja ventilatora, atraktivan dizajn.


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : PC Axe Date : 2014/07/12

"The award for innovative design is evident and it does not need to be explained. As for the “Platinum” award, we were overthinking should we even award a greater prize than “Gold” because some of the shortcomings. In the end the V71 bought us with the huge number of mounting holes that can be used for various things, while the case is keeping its natural looks. As for those who simply just don't like the looks of the Core C71, Thermaltake presented the Urban T81 which could be the effective alternative for it." (Translated from Serbian)


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : eTeknix Date : 2014/07/05


  • Extensive cooling support
  • Four high-quality fans pre-installed
  • Fully modular and removable hard drive bays
  • Rear hard drive mounts that support both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives
  • Four large washable dust filters
  • Highly competitive price tag
  • Durable build quality
  • Large side panel window 



  •  None



Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Overclockers Club Date : 2014/04/17

"To conclude, this chassis is everything I have been looking for without knowing it and in short is Thermaltake's answer to Cooler Master's Stacker series. While both the Stacker 935 and the Core V71 are priced the same, they are different beasts. I think it's easy to see where Cooler Master was heading, but fumbled, and Thermaltake picked up the ball and ran with it. I'm eager to see what Cooler Master's revision is like or if Thermaltake can top itself next year."


  • Advanced water cooling support
  • Well built metal frame
  • Good tool-less design
  • Support for large aftermarket CPU coolers (185mm)
  • Support for high-end graphics cards (400mm)
  • Long internal cables / 8-pin extension cable
  • Easy cable management (20mm behind tray)
  • Good manual
  • Modular design
  • 360° dust filter coverage 


  • None

Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Benchmark Reviews Date : 2014/04/11

"I think Thermaltake picked the perfect name for the Core V71 – I feel they succeeded in offering an enclosure that can form the “core” of your build, whatever you intend your build to be. I hope to see the Core line expanded (especially into other form factors) – there’s some great decisions made with the Core V71, and I’d like to see what else Thermaltake could do with those ideas."


+ Fresh, attractive design from Thermaltake
+ Lots of airflow in stock trim
+ Easy to use and effective modular drive system
+ Truly a versatile and adaptable chassis
+ Performs well in liquid or air cooling configurations
+ Looks great in blue, though LEDs can be switched off if desired


- Doesn’t make much of an effort to block noise (which should be obvious)
- No tool-less provisions for 2.5″ drives
- Only offered in blue



Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Tweak Town Date : 2014/04/08

 The Bottom Line: While this is a large full-tower chassis, the Core V71 is a revolution for Thermaltake and is one of the sleekest and most well eqipped designs that offers the best of all worlds.


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : GGF Lan Date : 2014/03/25


Some things I really loved about the case are:

-Great cooling capabilities inc rad support (OMG)
-Sub $200 price
-Well thought out HDD cages
-Sleek looking design
-A new refresh from what we're used to seeing from TT
-Finally a nice large simple window to show off your gear. And it's not tinted, perfectly clear. (Actually when the system is on and the room is dark, it looks like there is no perspex at all as it's so clear.)


Core V71 CA-1B6-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : NikkTech Date : 2014/03/13

"Of course if you prefer complete silence over incredible airflow levels then the Core V71 Full Tower might not be the right case for you since that's not its purpose but for overclockers, gamers and enthusiasts in general i can't think of a PC Case with better cooling potential and airflow than this and that's why it gets our Platinum Award."


- Build Quality
- Design
- Superior Airflow Right from the Factory (3x200mm/1x140mm Fans)
- Maximum Airflow Levels (4x200mm/3x120mm Fans)
- Room Up To 3 Radiators (2x240/360/420mm - 1x240mm)
- Fully Removable Drive Cages
- Vertical Drive Spots
- Price (For Some)  


- Only Two 5.25" Bays