P/N: CA-1F5-00F1WN-00
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Core W200 CA-1F5-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Tweaktown Date : 2016/04/15

"While there are other options like the Core W200 already out there asking for your money, with what Thermaltake was able to pack into this design for $459.99, look no further. Thermaltake hit the nail on the head and keeps on driving it deeper with this design. The Core W200 may be enormous, but it's a chassis that will stay by your side, no matter what sort of crazy ideas you may have with PC builds. This chassis will stand there, take it, and say to you, "please sir, can I have some more?"

The Bottom Line: A case to house all things PC! The only limit to the Core W200 is your imagination and wallet. It is solid when built correctly, has tons of features, and just begs for water cooling and lighting, and then asks for seconds, thirds, and more.