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Q. How can I install the fan housing?

A: The fan housing can be secured at rear fan opening of the chassis.

Q. Can I place pump and tank inside the chassis?

A: Yes, you can follow the installation steps on user's manual to set up pump and tank.

Q. Can I add additional waterblock ?

A: Yes, you can choose any Thermaltake waterblock that utilizes 3/8" tubing.

Q. Can I use the PW880i LCS on a Spedo advance case ?

A: Yes, PW880i is compatible with Spdeo.

Q. Will ProWater 880 compatible with my Aguila case?

A: Yes, Aguila is compatible with 880i and same as 850i.

Q. Can 880i support quad core AMD 3.00ghz and Dual Nvidia gts250?

A: Our 880i supports one quad core AMD 3.00ghz and one Nvidia gts250 only.

Q. Can I use the PW880i LCS on a Element G case ?

A: Yes, 880i is compatible with our element G.

Q. Can 880i support 2 x GTX 470?

A: Our 880i can’t support 2X GTX 470 but it can only support one GTX 470.
The GTX 470 VGA card is a very hot VGA card (215W), so it can’t support both at the same time.
Also, you need extra WB400 VGA water block to fit GTX470 VGA card for it.

Q. How many watt of heat your 880i supports?

A: LCS 880i supports 350W chipset heat.

Q. How many watt your LCS PW 880i takes?

A: It's one pump and 2 12cm fan total take Max. 17W.