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MeOrb II – A Small, Exquisitely Designed CPU Cooler
MeOrb II is a simple, neatly styled, low-profile CPU cooler with a compact size of just 92mm W x 35mm H. Featuring the non-interference and silent design as well as combining with high compatibility and easy installation, MeOrb II is able to dissipate heat up to 65W. An ideal thermal solution for ITX motherboards.
Non-Interference Design
Developed specifically for Mini-ITX motherboards, the MeOrb II’s non-interference design performs its cooling functions without blocking your RAM or interfering with any other components on the motherboard.
Direct Heat Dissipation
Φ6mm solid copper heat-pipe directly contacts the CPU surface to ensure fast and efficient heat transfer. Optimized aluminum fins can accelerate the thermal transfer process, enabling up to 65W of heat dissipation.
80mm PWM Fan

With an automatically-adjusting spin speed 1500 to 2500rmp, the low-profile PWM fan enhances air flow to produce superior cooling performance at extremely low noise levels. At 80mm wide, this slim fan fits perfectly onto Mini-ITX. Noise level typically falls in the 19.2 to 28.0 dBA range.

Compatible Design and Easy Installation
MeOrb II fully supports most Intel and AMD sockets, including mountings for Intel Socket LGA 1156/1155/1150/775. It’s universally compatible with a wide range of AMD platforms.