P/N: CL-F059-PL12SW-A
Riing > Riing Plus 12 RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (Single Fan Pack)
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User Manual
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Voice Input Command List en 213 KB
Alexa Voice Input Command en 324 KB
TT RGB PLUS Alexa Skill Settings SOP en 1193 KB

Drivers & Softwares
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TT RGB Plus Software (for AMD Vega only) *Update History:
1.Lighting synchronization with Tte products added: including headsets, mice, keyboards and PSUs.
2.New Alexa Skills commands added: Hello AMD, Hello Intel, Hello Nvidia, Shooting Star Black hole, Aurora and 6 new light modes.
3.New Alexa Skills commands added: Turn on/off light modes.
4.Change three sound modes to Movie, Gaming and Party modes.
5.Fixed Alexa logout issue.
6.Fixed other minor bugs.
7.System improvement.
V 1.2.2 2018/09/04