Pacific PR32-D5 Plus Pacific PR32-D5 Plus Pacific PR32-D5 Plus Pacific PR32-D5 Plus Pacific PR32-D5 Plus Pacific PR32-D5 Plus
Pacific PR32-D5 Plus

Pacific PR32-D5 Plus

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Newly designed mounting stands ensured further stability while holding the 400 ml reservoir. The rotary cap design provides easy water looping options and delivers 16.8 million illumination colors, which is supported by TT RGB Plus Software.

360° Rotary Cap

The 360-degree rotary cap allows users to adjust the positions of G 1/4 thread ports even after it mounts to the chassis, providing more flexibility during water-cooling builds.

Colorful Lightings

Shining through the rotary cap is 12 addressable LEDs allowing users to experience numerous lighting effects and 16.8 million color combinations through the TT RGB Plus software.

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Light Mode : Static

Great Visual Aesthetic

The 267 mm tall reservoir has a capacity of 400 ml, which can bear a maximum pressure of 50 PSI. Being Thermaltake’s largest reservoir in the collection, it indeed creates an excellent visual effect.

Powerful Pump

The powerful pump head can push the coolant to reach up to 15 feet high at its maximum speed and provide a flow rate of 1135 liter per hour. 5 Level Speed control allows users to manually control the pump's speed, switching the pump speed given the computer's loading.

Multiple Installation Option

Besides the standard reservoir and pump stand, the package also includes a bracket that allows users to install Pacific PR32-D5 Plus on a fan, allowing users to enjoy water cooling even with small spacing.

TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem

Light up your system with almost limitless possibilities and synchronize your TT RGB PLUS compatible products (CPU/VGA water blocks, AIO CPU coolers, PSUs, LED strips, gaming keyboards, headsets, mice and mouse pads) to create a RGB ecosystem that is truly unique to you.


More Information
P/N CL-W280-PL00SW-A
Dimensions 74.8 (L) x 74.8 (W) x 267 (H)
INTERFACE USB 2.0 Connectors(9 Pin)
System compatibility Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Power Input 37 W / 6.5 W
Connector 4 Pin
Max. Air Pressure 50 PSI
Parts 1. Stopper *1 (G 1/4 )
2. Bracket *1
3. Clip *1
Threads G 1/4

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