P/N: CL-W063-CA00BL-A
LCS Kits > Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit
Design Specification

Model Pacific PT 40-D5
P/N CL-W056-PL00BL-A
Dimension 97.5 (L) x 87.4 (W) x 289.4 (H)
Model Pacific W1
P/N CL-W022-CU00BL-A
Dimension 60 H * 54 W* 16 L mm
Model Pacific RL Series
P/N CL-W012-AL00BL-A
Dimension 282.5 (L) x 129 (W) x 64 (H)
Model Pacific Fitting Series
P/N CL-W030-CA00SL-A (Chrome )
Dimension ∮25 x 24.7 (H) (mm)
Model Coolant 1000 Red
P/N CL-W020-OS00RE-A
Model V-Tubler 4T
P/N CL-W019-OS00TR-A
Kit Contents - Pacific W1 CPU Water Block x1
- Pacific PT40-D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo x1
- Pacific RL240 Radiator x1 (282.5L x 129W x 64H)
- Pacific 1/2'‘(12.7mm) ID x 3/4'‘(19mm) OD Compression (Chrome) x6
- Luna 12 LED Red Fan x2
- V-tubler 4T 1/2'‘(12.7mm) ID x 3/4'‘(19mm) OD Transparent Tube x2 Meters
- Coolant 1000 Red 1000cc x1
- Intel and AMD Universal Backplated & Mounting Kit
- 24pin ATX Bridge Tool x1
- Thermaltake Thermal Grease x1

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