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Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : http://www.nexthardware.com Date : 2016/05/03


  • Elevato spazio interno
  • Qualità dei materiali
  • Numero di drive installabili
  • Sistema di raffreddamento
  • Certificazione Tt LCS
  • Prezzo


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Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : PC Perspective Date : 2016/04/04


  • Size and physical amount of space
  • Layout and Design
  • Intuitive, tool-less construction
  • Aesthetics, build quality, and finishing on metal parts
  • Support for multiple water cooling radiators and custom water loops
  • Configuration and modding possibilities



Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : NikkTech Date : 2016/03/04

"Long story short if you have enough space on your desk or floor and you’re looking for a PC case with enough interior space for anything you may ever want to place in it then the Core X9 is a safe bet and since it delivers on everything Thermaltake says it gets our Platinum Award."

- Build Quality
- Interior Space (Can Fit The Tallest CPU Coolers And Longest Graphics Cards And Power Supply Units)
- Room For Up To 20 Fans
- Room For Up To 8 Radiators
- Space For Up To Eight 2.5"/3.5" and Three 5.25" Drives
- Dual PSU Area
- Tool-Free Design
- Air-Filters For All Fan Spots
- Removable Drive Cages And Mainboard Trat
- 2 Pre-Installed Fans (120/200mm)
- Stackable Design (You Can Place Another Core X9 Ontop)


Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : TechSpot Date : 2015/08/31

 The Core X9 is a case modder's dream, affording endless opportunities for expansion and modification. If you're not interested in modding or building a crazy liquid-cooling setup then the Core X9's full potential will never be realized.


Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : B2G Date : 2015/07/09


  • Very spacious
  • Tool-less design for easy maintenance
  • Modular components
  • Large radiator support
  • Window panel
  • Magnetic filter strips
  • Dual-PSU support
  • Very expansive watercooling support
  • Stackable with another Core X9

Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Overclockers Club Date : 2015/04/14

Thermaltake's design group has hit the ball out of the park. I have reviewed many great cases, but with each one there are limitations. I catch myself saying, "If only I had another inch of clearance." or "If this darn bracket wasn't in the way, I could...".  With the Core X9, all of that just goes away. I really can't think of anything that Thermaltake didn't plan for. Finally, there is an affordable case that lets you build your system around your case needs rather than case limitations.


  • Large size
  • Modular design
  • Side panels can be swapped
  • Support for a multitude of fans and radiators
  • Great cable management / space
  • Tool-free drive bays
  • Support for two PSUs
  • Support for long GPUs
  • Support for tall CPU coolers
  • Support for complex custom water cooling
  • Front I/O panel can be swapped to opposite side of case
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • Reasonable price



Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : hwlegend.com Date : 2015/03/26

Thermaltake Core X9: Spazio e versatilità senza pari!
Sono anni che recensiamo case di tutti i tipi e modelli, con features uniche e speciali, ma il prodotto di oggi ci ha lasciato davvero a bocca aperta, sotto ogni aspetto. Thermaltake è riuscita a creare qualcosa di unico ed irripetibile, un case dotato di una versatilità senza paragoni, con caratteristiche in grado di soddisfare anche l’utente più smaliziato.

  • Ottimi materiali utilizzati;
  • Bundle completo;
  • Filtri antipolvere magnetici inclusi;
  • Ottimo spazio all’interno per la gestione dei componenti hardware;
  • Ottima aerazione interna;
  • Supporto fino a venti ventole opzionali;
  • Supporto per schede video lunghe fino a 400mm (590cm senza cestelli);
  • Supporto a più radiatori da 480mm;
  • Supporto per dissipatori a torre alti fino a 250mm;
  • Supporto per due alimentatori in formato ATX (max 220mm);
  • Compatibilità schede madri Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX e E-ATX;
  • Possibilità di unire due o più cabinet (stacking);
  • Rapporto “Qualità/Prezzo” semplicemente fantastico.

Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Hardwareluxx Date : 2015/02/23

 Positive Aspects of the Thermaltake Core X9:

  • Extremely spacious and stackable
  • Exemplary cooling capabilities, especially for water cooling
  • Interior largely modular and therefore very flexible
  • Tool-less installation mechanisms, mainly practical dust filters, cable management
  • I/O panel and side panels can be laterally reversed



Core X9 CA-1D8-00F1WN-00
Reviewed by : Tweak Town Date : 2015/01/05

The Bottom Line: With massive amounts of room, complete modularity and customizability, the Core X9 lacks nothing for even the wildest of builds. At this price, you simply will not find a better cube chassis this immense and perfect for the job.

Overall Rating: 99%