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View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : Adrenaline Date : 2017/02/13


  • Design inovador para esse formato de gabinetes
  • Bom acabamento e projeto interno
  • Excelente para instalação e manutenção do sistema
  • Suporte a liquid coolers com radiador de 360mm

View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : Enostech Date : 2017/02/12

"Thermaltake View 27 has an MSRP of $72.64 w/o VAT [Rs. 7500]. This makes it a budget chassis but don’t let the low price fool you for even a once. This chassis has a solid build quality, unique way of showing the marvellous builds, vertically mount capability of the graphics card with a plethora of other features.

This chassis has won our Value and Performance awards. Yes, both awards at the same time show how well Thermaltake has done their job with this chassis. For anyone, who is in the Chassis market and has got a limited budget but would need a Chassis with good quality and features, do check this out."


View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : OcClub Date : 2017/01/20


  • Необычный внешний вид;
  • Легкий процесс первоначальной сборки;
  • Всюду есть пылевые фильтры;
  • Возможность установить видеокарту горизонтально;
  • Поместится 360 мм СВО радиатор.



View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : Pcauthority Date : 2017/01/16

"The case looks fantastic, with a window panel that curves up from the side to the case’s top – this would be a striking case to install lighting in. The glossy front fascia looks elegant too, and doesn’t pick up finger-prints too easily. There’s even a separate chamber for the PSU, for better thermal management, and rather curious rubber covers for all the front panel IO ports. Definitely a solution looking for a problem." 


View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : Computer Base Date : 2016/10/27


  • Durch Staubfilter geschützt
  • Modularer Festplattenkäfig
  • Gekrümmtes Acrylglasfenster
  • Sehr gutes Kabelmanagement
  • Sehr gute Festplattenentkopplung

View 27 CA-1G7-00M1WN-00
Reviewed by : Hardware Overclock Date : 2016/10/26


  • + Optik
  • + Runder Seitenteil
  • + Viele Möglichkeiten für Modding
  • + Platz für 360 x 60 mm Radiator
  • + Entkoppelung für Netzteil
  • + Gute Kühlmöglichkeiten
  • + Schönes klares Sichtfenster
  • + Viel Platz für Kabel Management
  • + Preis