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Q. Can Element Q install ATX 5.25” CD-ROM/DVD-ROM?

A: Element Q can install standard 5.25” CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.

Q. Can Element Q install standard power supply?

A: Element Q has already built-in 200W SFX power supply and doesn’t need additional power supply.

Q. What is the CPU cooler height l limitation for Element Q?

A: The CPU cooler height limitation for Element Q is 45mm.

Q. What's the difference between P/N VL52021N2E and VL52021N2U?

A: The difference of E (EU) and U (US) is the different region power cord.

Q. My fanless CPU (intel d201gly2 board) is hotter after I install it in this chassis, why is that?

A: Since your CPU has fanless cooler on it, we recommend you don’t install the extra HDD on the side of chassis because it will block the air flow. You may consider use external HDD docking station for your HDDs if you care about the chassis inner temperature too high.

Q. Does Gigabyte H55N-USB3 mini-ITX compatible with Element Q? Can I also use Slim X3 with them?


1. This motherboard is Mini ITX format which fit with Element Q.
2. Element Q cooler height limitation is 45mm and our Slim X3 is 36mm which fit with it, too. But it can’t add PCIE card because X3